Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays. The song became the entertainment most loved by many in accompanying them at home during the current Covid-19 plague. It is only natural for streaming media to play songs like YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer to be the media most often used in daily activities.

Right at a time that is not too far from the beginning of 2020, there have been so many newly released songs that have become popular among loyal listeners of music throughout the world. The popularity of this song has instantly replaced the popularity of the song that was popular in the past year.

Yummy – Justin Bieber

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays
Yummy – Justin Bieber

Currently, the song Yummy sung by Justin Bieber is at the top of the melting top of popular music today. Like in Spotify, for example, this song has automatically entered into a popular playlist created by Spotify for its listeners.

Modern Loneliness – Lauv

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays
Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays

Then the song titled Modern Loneliness was sung by Lauv. If you still feel strange hearing it, then you are missing information. Do you know a song called I’m So Tired Love Song? Well, it was Lauv who sang the song together with Troye Sivan.

Not My Baby – INNA

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays
INNA – Not My Baby

Not My Baby sang by INNA also seems to be quite trending music at this time. It’s not as popular as Justin Bieber’s Yummy, but this one INNA song is very popular on TikTok social media.

@ MEH – Playboi Carti

The next popular song is @ MEH which is sung by Playboi Carti or Jordan Terrell Carter. Playboi Carti is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Sober – INNA

In addition to the song titled Not My Baby, the song Sober which was also sung by INNA became a popular trending at this time. Surely this is a special achievement for INNA where two songs that were sung became popular and trending at the same time today.

Break My Heart – Two Lipa

Break My Heart is also a song that is quite popular in several streaming media, such as YouTube and Spotify. As is the case with Justin Bieber’s Yummy song. If you are thorough, you will often hear this song in various relaxing places such as cafes beside the Yummy song that is played.

Blind – Jordyn Jones

Then there is the Blind song sung by Jordyn Jones. This is a song from the Blind album which was officially released by him in 2020. Interestingly, in making this music video clip, he only made it together with his mother only with the iPhone camera and video skills owned by the mother.

Say So – Doja Cat

For those of you who follow the development of music that is constantly being updated all the time, of course, it will not feel familiar when listening to the song Say So sung by Doja Cat. Although this song was released in 2019 yesterday, it remains popular and is still in the top 10 trending music on YouTube.

See You – Johnny Orlando

Finally, there is music called See You, sung by Johnny Orlando. This is an album released by him in 2020. Many believe that Orlando is a future star candidate. At the age of 15 years, he had joined Universal Music Canada.

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