Some people love to listen to the radio. It seems that the radio has been disappeared due to the appearance of music apps. The good news is that the radio lovers still able to enjoy the sensation of listening to the radio from an Android app. Even, the radio apps give a better offer than the old-fashioned radio. Let’s discuss the valuable features in the radio apps you can’t get in the traditional radio.

Radio Station

One of the benefits of using radio apps is that you can listen to music from a lot of radio stations. Even, there are some radio apps which cover over 100.000 radio stations. The radio stations has over million on-demand programs and postcast. The best part is that the radio stations are coming from around the world.

Radio Apps Versus Traditional Radio
Radio Apps Versus Traditional Radio

Select Your Favorite Music Genre

Another difference between the radio app and traditional radio is that you can choose your own favorite music genre. You can make a music playlist and listen to music based on your selection. In contrast, you can’t do it in traditional radio. A traditional radio offers random music whether you like it or not.

Skip the Music You Don’t Want to Hear      

Unlike traditional radio, you can skip the music you don’t want to hear when you are using a radio app. Some of the radio apps are offering unlimited skip so you can do it anytime you want. As a result, you will only listen to your favorite music only but still in a radio sensation.

Radio Apps Versus Traditional Radio
Radio Apps Versus Traditional Radio

Understand What You Love

It is also an interesting part of using a radio app. A radio app often understands the type of music you love. The app has a specific system which can analyze the common music or programs you choose. Based on the data, the system recommends music that you may like including the genre, singer, lyrics, and many more. As a result, the radio app seems to be your best friend anywhere and anytime.


The problem with a classic radio is the size and it is impossible to bring the radio anywhere you want. This is the reason why you have to download a radio app on your Android. This technology allows you to bring a radio only on your Android. You can turn on and listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere you want. The most important thing is that you don’t lose the sensation of listening to a classic radio.

So, if you really want to listen to music from a radio, try to download a radio app and enjoy the sensation. You will get more facilities and services for a better experience

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