Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home. Some people may not get used to working from home. As a result, this new habit reduces their productivity. One of the solutions is by listening to songs. Some songs can boost your mood and feeling. You will get your productivity back when you get your mood and good feeling back. So, what kind of music or song do you have to enjoy while working from home? Here, we have recommended songs for you. Recommended songs for pumping mood while working from home:

The Slow Rush

Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home
The Slow Rush is Tame Impala’s Newest Album

The notes, lyrics, and music will always boost your good mood. One of the recommended songs from this album is entitled Breathe Deeper. The rhyme of the song is perfect for starting your day before working from home. You can also listen to this song in the midafternoon when you need to recharge energy.


Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home
Habitual (Justin Biber)

Justin Bieber seems always successful in bringing something new to his songs. Moreover, people love his songs a lot. They can put Justin Bieber’s songs in their playlist and listen to them all day long. Habitual is one of the good songs for boosting your good mood while working from home. It is a catchy track with slow notes that successfully pumps your good mood slowly. Habitual is a popular song among internet radio stations and music streaming services. The song seems to be your good friend while making coffee, working, lunch break, and before signing off. The atmosphere of your office at home seems to change into a positive vibe.

The Man 

Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home
Taylor Swift – The Man

If you need motivation in doing your jobs at home, The Man by Taylor Swift is a good selection. The beat is pumping your motivation to finish your job as soon as possible. It is powerful enough to bring your good mood back after working for a few hours. You may put this song in the middle of your playlist and listen to it in the midafternoon. The Man is also a good song to turn on when you finish your job and get ready to sign off. It seems that you have the same energy just when you are working at the office.

Look at Her Now 

Selena Gomez also never fails to give the best and catchy songs to her fans. You may struggle to maintain your mood while doing your work from home. The music and tone will help you to move from the difficulty to maintain your mood. The song seems to represent your feeling in an uncertain condition. Selena Gomez is also one of the most inspiring singers. She has to struggle with a lot of issues before becoming one of the most popular singers in the world. It motivates you to finish your job right away.


Blink-182 is one of the legendary bands. If you are looking for one of their best songs to accompany you at home, Darkside is the answer. The drum and guitar create a great melody that pumps your mood. Plus, the voice of the vocalist will recharge your energy and stamina to finish your jobs. The song helps to maintain your hectic hours at home.

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Music and Radio is a Unity. Talking about music and radio is very interesting. Long before the advent of social media and digital music applications to listen to the most fun music every day. Radio became the mainstream in its time which was very effective in music activities. Where broadcasters can make requests (by request) from loyal listeners in song playback. Almost all radio stations provide time to rest by playing music as the most enjoyable relaxation and eagerly awaited by the listeners. Not only listeners or music fans, with fast information from the radio. Gives a positive signal the musician introduces his work directly to the audience.

Radio has the power of music that was developing at that time and became a medium for conveying messages. roughly, what music dominates the radio? And how is the development of radio and music today? Come, see the following explanation!

Why Do International Songs Dominate?

Music and Radio is a Unity
Music and Radio is a Unity

Songs that are played on the radio are still dominated by music from international singers. Why does this happen? Broadly speaking, foreign music is very fast and large growth. They have music fans all over the world. So, the unequal percentage is not a matter of anti-local music, but a matter of the amount of foreign music that hits is superior to local music.

Radio And Music Cannot Be Separated

Music and Radio is a Unity
Radio And Music Cannot Be Separated

Speaking of modern times, music can be discovered by itself by the listener, so the listener can find his own music. Not only the dominance of international music. We can already choose the best songs yourself with a choice of categories from music genres, musicians’ names, music albums, and song titles. Then, is there still the influence of radio relevant to the development and formation of music trends today? Judging from its development, creating its own challenges for the radio industry which began to shift its use as the modernization of digital technology.

The Basic Idea Of Wireless Communication

Music and Radio is a Unity
The Basic Idea Of Wireless Communication

Even though radio broadcasting is not as popular as it is in the past. The more sophisticated technology is, the challenges of contemporary radio begin to open by adopting a digital system to match the needs of its listeners. Even the radio is not only maintained, but also updated its quality with a technology called Digital Radio. Radio took part in this as a demand, evolving to follow the trend of intelligent technology that combines automation and cyber technology.

With the formation of digital radio, the features displayed are far more lively. Now, millennial listeners who crave the role of radio in his life can still find information on the song hits, telephone numbers of radio stations, and much more on the digital radio menu screen.

From the above explanation, we can conclude that radio in the past and the present is still the same, inseparable from music. Music and radio are a complementary whole.

It’s Fun Listening To Music Through The Radio

Radio is Not Boring

Besides music, radio has various programs that are presented and not served. Want to find a program that plays Indonesian / Western songs, jokes that can shake your stomach, or even inspiring business dialogue? Everything is on the radio. Every radio has a target audience.

Can Be Heard While Doing Other Activities

Sometimes you see people are busy working while there is a loud radio next to them. The radio host was very excited even laughing out loud. Even though he was busy working, this man laughed several times by the announcer jokes and enjoyed songs that were played with humming. Busy while listening to the radio will be more exciting.

How, surely exciting right? Music and radio are a very ideal couple who can bury their listeners. Music and radio is a unity.

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