5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today. Radio has become the media most preferred by many people in getting various things about information and also entertainment. On the radio, they do not need additional costs to be able to enjoy these various facilities. We need to remember, we will not be able to enjoy a variety of things without those who have worked in giving and providing everything via radio to us at the radio station where they work. In technological developments that continue to advance and create all modern things, radio continues to grow and develop, trying not to lose and erode by the changing times that continue to change over time.

Until now, there are at least 10 radio stations in the world that continue to operate in each location and are a favorite for listeners. Even so, there must be so many radio stations that remain actively operating in this world, even though they are not as popular in the world as some of the radio stations below. 5 of the best music radios in the world today you should know:


5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today
Norway Radio

The radio station in Norway was launched in terms of responding to various matters of the music festival which had to be postponed until canceled in its implementation due to the plague of Covid-19 which took place sometime yesterday. Map of The World Station was formed by the people behind Oslo World, who are the organizers of annual music in the Norwegian capital. Here listeners can listen to various playlists with some famous musicians, such as Womad NZ and Bass Camp India. Interestingly, this playlist can also be accessed for those who listen to music through Soundcloud.


5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today
India Radio

If you like various music playlists that play songs from India, then this Bollywood radio station can be an option for you to listen to. This radio station also often plays various popular music in the mid-1950s to 1980s. In the program, there are two types of Live stream. Where this live stream contains music that is categorized as the latest music and Live stream vintage music.


5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today
Brazil Radio

It is estimated that there are approximately 15,000 radio stations currently in operation. Naturally, because Brazil is a country with an island size that is almost like a continent. Even so, there are only a handful of radio stations that are quite popular with Brazilian people outside those who like Brazilian music culture. Namely Bossa Nova Brazil and also The Matrix.


Local radio stations in Mexico are now mixing the original tone and sound typical with rock and foreign pop coming from outside. This makes it one of the songs from Mexico’s trademark and very nuanced of the music’s border. Viva El Mariachi and Campesina radio stations are the most favorite radio stations in the region. FM stations from this station also operate in eight cities in the US.


We might think that Korea is the belle of popular boy bands and girl bands in the world. But not only there. The country dubbed as the land of ginseng and situs judi poker also seems to be the location of a radio station that is quite popular in the world as well.

In parts of Jeju Island, radio broadcasts are broadcast in English. As for the Arirang station, it plays so many K-Pop song playlists that it is popular.

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