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When it comes to the music industry, it is safe that we should not leave Korean music or also known as Kpop. Music industry is one of the most profitable businesses not only in Korea but also all over the world. So, it is not surprising that becoming a member of Korean boygroup or girlgroup is a dream of most young adults in Korea. Below are the reasons Korean boygroups or girlgroups becomes worldwide and can stay for a long time in the music industry.

Chosen from the Entire Korea and Other Countries

Those who successfully become a member of Korean boygroups or girlgroups are the chosen talents through an audition held by a particular agency. Not only from South Korea, but South Korean agencies also look for talents from other various countries such as Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, the United States of America, and many more. Visual is also important for most South Korean agencies. So, talents and visual are a must for those who want to become a member of Korean girlgroups or boygroups.

Korean Boygroup boyfriend
Korean Boygroup boyfriend

The Debut Process

Those who successfully become a trainee of a particular South Korean agency will not be debuted in a short time. Their mental and talents will be sharpened for years. And the agency will decide the ones who are worth to be debuted and introduced as a girlgroup or boygroup. Most members of Korean boygroups and girlgroups became a trainee since they were teenagers. The dormitory provided by the agency becomes their home for years until they are debuted. They have to practice for dancing and singing all the time.

Korean Boygroup A-Jax
Korean Boygroup A-Jax

They are also taught several foreign languages for their album promotion outside South Korea. Moreover, the members of Korean girlgroups and boygroups are also taught about good and polite attitude.

Clear Debut Concept

The next reason why Korean girlgroups or boygroups become worldwide is because they have a clear debut concept. The South Korean agencies are really good in this business. They are able to prepare their idols with a great and detailed concept when they debut their idols. The songs prepared by the agency are usually written by famous songwriters. The idols who have talent in writing song lyrics will also be given a chance to contribute in writing songs for their debut album. The South Korean agencies also have talented makeup artists, stylists, and prepare a great stage concept for their idol’s debut.

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