Something Unique in the Radio Station’s Broadcast. Do you like listening to the radio? Do you know about something unique In the radio station’s broadcast? From the time you listened to the radio, you might ever think that you wanted to be a broadcaster. It’s like having lots of friends and being able to directly communicate. Not infrequently also have fans because of broadcasts and good sound. In addition, you can listen to songs and have a variety of interesting music references. There are still many fun things that can be taken from the radio.

On the other hand as the announcer and crew, there are things that cannot be known in general. Their main goal is to make your activities more fun. Behind it all there are interesting things. Things like this are only experienced by compilations that work as radio broadcasters.

The Job Is Not Just Playing 

Something Unique in the Radio Station's Broadcast
Radio Stations Broadcast

Listening to popular songs on the radio is really fun. Especially if your favorite song is playing. Moreover, you also change the radio channel if the song playing turns out to be less interesting and a little grumble. In fact, the radio announcer does not only contain a list of songs played at that session. He also must draw a variety of interesting materials. Not to mention that there are advertisements that must be broadcast at certain hours.

Additional Songs For Emergency Activities

Something Unique in the Radio Station's Broadcast
Additional Songs For Emergency Activities

Listening to three consecutive songs is common. Some of you will definitely be added if there are additional songs. Each person needs a few minutes to complete their business. For example, there is a material that has to be slipped in, considered, or has to go to the bathroom. Not only that, but they also have to finish their business before the additional song ends.

The Bad Network Is The Main Problem

Something Unique in the Radio Station's Broadcast
Something Unique in the Radio Station’s Broadcast

Listening to the radio with a clear network is not a problem. The challenge is if the radio’s radius is disturbed. Many things are delayed because of this, for example, advertisements that should be played for information and songs that must be played.


Keeping words while doing live broadcasts is not easy. It includes something unique in the radio station’s broadcast. Besides if there are spontaneous events, such as shock, fall, until unexpected information. Of course, online slots themselves are complete. As a listener, someone comes out when you hear the announcer not be asking for something inappropriate or misleading. Escaping extinct Usually, they apologize and clarify.

Set The Punctuality

Each song and segment that runs can differ in duration. As the broadcaster must determine when to put up advertisements, play songs, until greeting the listener again. Online slot gambling Looks easy and fun. But, punctuality is not easy. More than one minute is different for each song and the broadcast time is 2 to 4 hours.

Cannot Play Songs According To Taste

Everyone does have different tastes and types of music. Being a radio announcer, you can’t be seen playing songs that he thinks are good. There are songs that are not suitable to be played. Also accustomed to playing the same song every broadcast session, because this song is popular or legendary. There must also be a song on every visit.

Sounds Discharged And Inflammation

Several times you talk when the announcer changes, they also do not hesitate to explain that the conditions are less prime. Being a natural thing, a solid compilation schedule, and limited endurance. However, that does not activate the radio announcer carrying out its duties. If it’s not possible, usually they are replaced by a friend to move.

Radio Broadcasters Must Always Be Happy

The profession of radio announcer is indeed very attached to the world of entertainment, so it can be broadcast by radio broadcasters for entertainers. And worthy as an entertainer, the radio announcer must always be in good condition and happy to transmit a positive aura to the listener. So it must be good at convincing feelings when you’re sad huh.

Although it is full of something unique in the radio station’s broadcast, radio broadcasters being close to their listeners is the most valuable thing. More than just a listener about the story and its recommendations for broadcasters in one segment.

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Cool Music on All 90s Era Radio Stations. Listening to cool music on the radio is amusing. Basically, listening to the radio is a favorite of the younger generation in the 90s. Radio became one of the means of socialization and entertainment for young people in that era, for example sending greetings and ordering songs aimed at friends or idols of the heart. The radio turns on more often than television broadcasts. When doing schoolwork, the radio is also a loyal friend. Sometimes, you also sleep with a song playing on the radio.

In this article, the following are 5 songs that are often played by radio stations in the 90s as a marker of the end of radio broadcasts for that day, as well as morning sleepers, loyal listeners.

The Moment (Kenny G)

Cool Music on All 90s Era Radio Stations
The Moment (Kenny G)

Before you hear the crackle (as a sign that the radio station has finished broadcasting for the day) noisy from your radio after 24.00, the radio station plays The Moment for its listeners.

The instrumental strains of the saxophones give you a sense of relaxation so that you can help you immediately fall asleep that night.

Beautiful Girl (Jose M.C)

Cool Music on All 90s Era Radio Stations
Beautiful Girl (Jose M.C)

The second cool music that is often played every radio station before the broadcast ends and stops broadcasting is Beautiful Girl by Jose M.C.

The song, which was sung again by Christian Bautista in 2009, can provide positive energy for singles in the 1990s so that they can be eager to face tomorrow and await a soul mate that has not yet arrived.

Heaven Knows (Rick Price)

Cool Music on All 90s Era Radio Stations
Heaven Knows (Rick Price)

If song number 2 above is very popular among singles in the 90s, this third song is a favorite song of singles warriors of love. Radio stations in that era played this song very often before their broadcast ended.

Just like the previous songs, this song also gives a positive effect and hope and indirectly encourages the listeners. Whatever you think and hope for your crush on that day, say everything to the Almighty through prayer before you fall asleep in the cause of Heaven Knows.

Valentine (Martina McBride ft. Jim B.)

The ending song of radio stations in the 90s was Valentine’s song sung by Jim B. ft. Martina McBride. This song is like inviting the listeners to always love someone endlessly and tired even though day after day will pass.

Watching Over You (Emerson, Palmer, and Lake)

Just so you know, at that time, this song was like a compulsory song for several radio stations before the completion of the program or program.

Even though the radio broadcast will end soon, the radio station that plays this song wants to convey the message that radio waves will not leave loyal listeners. The waves are like guards at night so the listeners can sleep peacefully and have sweet dreams that night.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Indeep)

This song is quite old, but the lyrics contain very deep meaning. It tells someone who has full power after listening to songs and inspirational programs from the radio. He said the announcer saved his life. As you know, a trip is not always smooth and straight. Sometimes there are things that make you want to stop and just give up. But, you come back excited and optimistic after hearing something positive accidentally on the radio. Cool music on all 90s era radio stations.

Well, what cool music do you still like to listen to?

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Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home. Some people may not get used to working from home. As a result, this new habit reduces their productivity. One of the solutions is by listening to songs. Some songs can boost your mood and feeling. You will get your productivity back when you get your mood and good feeling back. So, what kind of music or song do you have to enjoy while working from home? Here, we have recommended songs for you. Recommended songs for pumping mood while working from home:

The Slow Rush

Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home
The Slow Rush is Tame Impala’s Newest Album

The notes, lyrics, and music will always boost your good mood. One of the recommended songs from this album is entitled Breathe Deeper. The rhyme of the song is perfect for starting your day before working from home. You can also listen to this song in the midafternoon when you need to recharge energy.


Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home
Habitual (Justin Biber)

Justin Bieber seems always successful in bringing something new to his songs. Moreover, people love his songs a lot. They can put Justin Bieber’s songs in their playlist and listen to them all day long. Habitual is one of the good songs for boosting your good mood while working from home. It is a catchy track with slow notes that successfully pumps your good mood slowly. Habitual is a popular song among internet radio stations and music streaming services. The song seems to be your good friend while making coffee, working, lunch break, and before signing off. The atmosphere of your office at home seems to change into a positive vibe.

The Man 

Recommended Songs for Pumping Mood While Working from Home
Taylor Swift – The Man

If you need motivation in doing your jobs at home, The Man by Taylor Swift is a good selection. The beat is pumping your motivation to finish your job as soon as possible. It is powerful enough to bring your good mood back after working for a few hours. You may put this song in the middle of your playlist and listen to it in the midafternoon. The Man is also a good song to turn on when you finish your job and get ready to sign off. It seems that you have the same energy just when you are working at the office.

Look at Her Now 

Selena Gomez also never fails to give the best and catchy songs to her fans. You may struggle to maintain your mood while doing your work from home. The music and tone will help you to move from the difficulty to maintain your mood. The song seems to represent your feeling in an uncertain condition. Selena Gomez is also one of the most inspiring singers. She has to struggle with a lot of issues before becoming one of the most popular singers in the world. It motivates you to finish your job right away.


Blink-182 is one of the legendary bands. If you are looking for one of their best songs to accompany you at home, Darkside is the answer. The drum and guitar create a great melody that pumps your mood. Plus, the voice of the vocalist will recharge your energy and stamina to finish your jobs. The song helps to maintain your hectic hours at home.

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5 Best Websites to Download Music and Audio for Free and Legally. You may need sound or music for your videos. Instead of using music illegally, you can download music for free. The music is free and legal to download. Just visit the right websites that offer free music to download. Here, we have a list of those websites.

YouTube Audio Library

5 Best Websites to Download Music and Audio for Free and Legally
YouTube Audio Library

YouTube supports video creators to use legal music or back sound. That’s why YouTube publishes the YouTube Audio Library. Just like the name, it is a music and audio library. Video creators can use music and audio for free. They only have to download the music and use it on their videos. You need to sign in to your YouTube account and go to the audio library to download it. You can also apply the song directly to the video while editing your video on YouTube. You will get music from all genres from romantic, sad, jazz, hip hop, and many more. Your video will be more interesting to watch.


5 Best Websites to Download Music and Audio for Free and Legally

You can also download free music at Bensound. This website has a lot of music and audio for various purposes. The music is also from various genres, such as hip hop, jazz, acoustic, and many more. You can listen to the music preview before downloading it. Click the download button and wait for a few seconds to get it. You can also purchase music to get more benefits. The most important thing is that you get legal music and audio for your videos.

Premiumbeat Free Music

5 Best Websites to Download Music and Audio for Free and Legally
5 Best Websites to Download Music and Audio for Free and Legally

Premiumbeat is also a good website to get free music resources. The sound quality is incredible and it supports your videos well. The website classifies the music and audio by mood, genres,duration, instruments, BPM, and many others. Indeed, you will have premium audio and music for free. You may get it for a limited time but it is good to make your videos more attractive to watch


Video creators will love the Mixkit. It is a website to download music and audio for free. The virtual library is amazing. You can get a lot of music collections, video clips, as well as the premiere pro templates. The music and audio are easy to download and you can use it immediately.


SoundCloud is one of the most popular sites to find music and audio. Millions of songs are ready to use for free. Users only have to download their favorite music and use it as what they want. This is a good place to download music or audio legally.


You can take music for free from this website. The website provides free music along with attribution. The website uses this rule to show that you are using music legally. The unique part is that the website also offers a donation or purchasing program. The website asks you to donate $5. Another alternative is buying the music you want for $30 each.

Now, you don’t need to get confused to get the music to create an amazing video. Just download it for free from the websites above. It doesn’t look like full music as in the radio stations and music streaming apps, but the most important thing is that you are downloading it legally.

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Music Streaming Apps with Great Features and Services. Music streaming apps have reached popularity since the rise of the internet. People can listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere they want. They only have to download and install the app and choose their favorite music playlist. Those apps also support music creators to get more fans and money. Check the list below if you still get confused to choose the best song streaming app.


Music Streaming Apps with Great Features and Services
One of Them is Spotify

Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming services in the world today. This app has a lot of new and old songs. The song collection is not the only reason why people love to use Spotify. People love this music streaming app because it has valuable features and is easy to use. The unique part of this app is on the bpm playlists. This feature is a great option for users who love to listen to music while exercising. Spotify offers two different versions, which are the free and premium versions. You can use the free version with limited features. You only have to spend $9.99 per month to use all the features for a more comfortable music streaming. Spotify doesn’t have parental controls. That’s why it is not suitable for kids. They may listen to the explicit tracks that are not good for them.


Music Streaming Apps with Great Features and Services
Tidal Application

Some people care about sound quality while listening to their favorite music. If you have the same interest, Tidal is one of the best options. This app cares a lot about the quality of the music audio system. You are about to listen to high-quality music similar to CD music quality. You can enjoy over 130.000 music videos. The professional artists curate the music before launching it. The drawback is that you must pay £25.99 per month. It is an expensive price, but you will get more than you have paid. Tidal is a piece of good music streaming app for professional or advanced listeners.

Amazon Prime Music 

Music Streaming Apps with Great Features and Services
Amazon Prime Music

This app also has a lot of music from a variety of artists and songs. Most of the songs are the same as the radio stations and music trend. The premium version offers more benefits and is worth trying. A premium user has to pay £21.99 per month. By spending the amount of money you can enjoy music without any interruption from advertisements. You also have an unlimited track. Song or music creators can also upload their works on this music streaming app. You can upload over 250 tracks. The downside is that it is a little bit difficult to upload your tracks. It is better to arrange your music library in one place.

Apple Music 

Apple Music is another great music streaming app. This app offers a complete music service, where people get good sound quality, features that are easy to use, and great recommendations. Apple offers suitable packages for its users. For example, students can only pay £5 per month. It is half cheaper than the standard package. Users have to spend £10 per month or £99 per year to enjoy the full version of the app. You can use this app on the Desktop and mobile phones. It offers a great music recommendation along with a strict curation process. Apple Music may not offer abundant services just like Tidal, Amazon Music, or Spotify, but it is a good option for Apple users.

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Top 5 Internet Radio Stations for Independent Music Lovers. Despite the popularity of music streaming apps, some people still listen to internet radio. They feel a different sensation while listening to music from internet radio. Most people have their favorite internet radio stations and music. Here, we give you the list of the most popular internet radio stations.

Soma FM

Top 5 Internet Radio Stations for Independent Music Lovers
Soma FM

This station began on air in 2000 in San Francisco, CA. The focus of this internet radio station is to spread and broadcast independent or self-published music. Listeners get something fresh and out of the box every time they listen to the radio station. Soma FM becomes one of the internet radio stations with the largest audiences among other indie stations. This radio has up to 5 million listening hours. Just visit if you want to listen to their music programs.

KEXP 90.3 FM

Top 5 Internet Radio Stations for Independent Music Lovers
KEXP 90.3 FM

The base of this internet radio station is in Seattle, Washington DC. KEPX 90.3 FM has a similar mission with Soma FM in which KEPX FM focuses on broadcasting alternative and Indie rock music. The main difference is that this station often broadcasts live performances from new music artists. The live studio is amazing and it produces the quality of sound. KEPX FM develops its music station and campaign by having a partnership with the University of Washington and Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project. They share their music programs at

KCRW 89.9 FM 

Top 5 Internet Radio Stations for Independent Music Lovers
KCRW 89.9 FM

The headquarters of KCRW 89.9 FM is in Santa Monica, California. The station broadcasted its programs in 1945. One of the most popular music programs on this station is the Morning Becomes Eclectic. The station publishes this program to support indie or self-published music and artists. The music program discusses new music highlights. You can also enjoy high-quality live performances. Besides broadcasting music programs, this station also has national news programs. You can check their programs and listen to your favorite music by visiting

WWPR 105.1 FM 

Music lovers in New York know about WWPR 105.1 FM. It is one of the most popular hip hop music stations in New York. This station broadcasts a variety of music genres, including mainstream, underground hip-hop, R&B, Latin, and reggae. The programs are more interested to hear along with music discussion segments. WWPR 105.1 FM or Power 105.1 FM reaches its popularity because of its program known as Breakfast Club. It is known as a controversial talk show on the radio and yet it is powerful enough to influence audiences. Now, they broadcast their programs at


XRAY started its internet radio gem in Portland, Oregon in 2012. Audiences can listen to the programs on 107.1 FM and 91.1 FM. This internet radio station has a visionary mission. They want to spread progressive music and music discussion that reflect the value of their city. This station supports local DJ, record labels, local musicians, and music fans to promote their works. Indeed, it strengthens the character of the city through music. The station promotes its programs at

So, if you are curious about internet radio, you can visit their official websites. The programs will give you something fresher, unique, and out of the box.

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Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays. The song became the entertainment most loved by many in accompanying them at home during the current Covid-19 plague. It is only natural for streaming media to play songs like YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer to be the media most often used in daily activities.

Right at a time that is not too far from the beginning of 2020, there have been so many newly released songs that have become popular among loyal listeners of music throughout the world. The popularity of this song has instantly replaced the popularity of the song that was popular in the past year.

Yummy – Justin Bieber

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays
Yummy – Justin Bieber

Currently, the song Yummy sung by Justin Bieber is at the top of the melting top of popular music today. Like in Spotify, for example, this song has automatically entered into a popular playlist created by Spotify for its listeners.

Modern Loneliness – Lauv

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays
Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays

Then the song titled Modern Loneliness was sung by Lauv. If you still feel strange hearing it, then you are missing information. Do you know a song called I’m So Tired Love Song? Well, it was Lauv who sang the song together with Troye Sivan.

Not My Baby – INNA

Trending Popular Songs Are Playing a Lot Nowadays
INNA – Not My Baby

Not My Baby sang by INNA also seems to be quite trending music at this time. It’s not as popular as Justin Bieber’s Yummy, but this one INNA song is very popular on TikTok social media.

@ MEH – Playboi Carti

The next popular song is @ MEH which is sung by Playboi Carti or Jordan Terrell Carter. Playboi Carti is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Sober – INNA

In addition to the song titled Not My Baby, the song Sober which was also sung by INNA became a popular trending at this time. Surely this is a special achievement for INNA where two songs that were sung became popular and trending at the same time today.

Break My Heart – Two Lipa

Break My Heart is also a song that is quite popular in several streaming media, such as YouTube and Spotify. As is the case with Justin Bieber’s Yummy song. If you are thorough, you will often hear this song in various relaxing places such as cafes beside the Yummy song that is played.

Blind – Jordyn Jones

Then there is the Blind song sung by Jordyn Jones. This is a song from the Blind album which was officially released by him in 2020. Interestingly, in making this music video clip, he only made it together with his mother only with the iPhone camera and video skills owned by the mother.

Say So – Doja Cat

For those of you who follow the development of music that is constantly being updated all the time, of course, it will not feel familiar when listening to the song Say So sung by Doja Cat. Although this song was released in 2019 yesterday, it remains popular and is still in the top 10 trending music on YouTube.

See You – Johnny Orlando

Finally, there is music called See You, sung by Johnny Orlando. This is an album released by him in 2020. Many believe that Orlando is a future star candidate. At the age of 15 years, he had joined Universal Music Canada.

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5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today. Radio has become the media most preferred by many people in getting various things about information and also entertainment. On the radio, they do not need additional costs to be able to enjoy these various facilities. We need to remember, we will not be able to enjoy a variety of things without those who have worked in giving and providing everything via radio to us at the radio station where they work. In technological developments that continue to advance and create all modern things, radio continues to grow and develop, trying not to lose and erode by the changing times that continue to change over time.

Until now, there are at least 10 radio stations in the world that continue to operate in each location and are a favorite for listeners. Even so, there must be so many radio stations that remain actively operating in this world, even though they are not as popular in the world as some of the radio stations below. 5 of the best music radios in the world today you should know:


5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today
Norway Radio

The radio station in Norway was launched in terms of responding to various matters of the music festival which had to be postponed until canceled in its implementation due to the plague of Covid-19 which took place sometime yesterday. Map of The World Station was formed by the people behind Oslo World, who are the organizers of annual music in the Norwegian capital. Here listeners can listen to various playlists with some famous musicians, such as Womad NZ and Bass Camp India. Interestingly, this playlist can also be accessed for those who listen to music through Soundcloud.


5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today
India Radio

If you like various music playlists that play songs from India, then this Bollywood radio station can be an option for you to listen to. This radio station also often plays various popular music in the mid-1950s to 1980s. In the program, there are two types of Live stream. Where this live stream contains music that is categorized as the latest music and Live stream vintage music.


5 of the Best Music Radios in the World Today
Brazil Radio

It is estimated that there are approximately 15,000 radio stations currently in operation. Naturally, because Brazil is a country with an island size that is almost like a continent. Even so, there are only a handful of radio stations that are quite popular with Brazilian people outside those who like Brazilian music culture. Namely Bossa Nova Brazil and also The Matrix.


Local radio stations in Mexico are now mixing the original tone and sound typical with rock and foreign pop coming from outside. This makes it one of the songs from Mexico’s trademark and very nuanced of the music’s border. Viva El Mariachi and Campesina radio stations are the most favorite radio stations in the region. FM stations from this station also operate in eight cities in the US.


We might think that Korea is the belle of popular boy bands and girl bands in the world. But not only there. The country dubbed as the land of ginseng and situs judi poker also seems to be the location of a radio station that is quite popular in the world as well.

In parts of Jeju Island, radio broadcasts are broadcast in English. As for the Arirang station, it plays so many K-Pop song playlists that it is popular.

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Music and Radio is a Unity. Talking about music and radio is very interesting. Long before the advent of social media and digital music applications to listen to the most fun music every day. Radio became the mainstream in its time which was very effective in music activities. Where broadcasters can make requests (by request) from loyal listeners in song playback. Almost all radio stations provide time to rest by playing music as the most enjoyable relaxation and eagerly awaited by the listeners. Not only listeners or music fans, with fast information from the radio. Gives a positive signal the musician introduces his work directly to the audience.

Radio has the power of music that was developing at that time and became a medium for conveying messages. roughly, what music dominates the radio? And how is the development of radio and music today? Come, see the following explanation!

Why Do International Songs Dominate?

Music and Radio is a Unity
Music and Radio is a Unity

Songs that are played on the radio are still dominated by music from international singers. Why does this happen? Broadly speaking, foreign music is very fast and large growth. They have music fans all over the world. So, the unequal percentage is not a matter of anti-local music, but a matter of the amount of foreign music that hits is superior to local music.

Radio And Music Cannot Be Separated

Music and Radio is a Unity
Radio And Music Cannot Be Separated

Speaking of modern times, music can be discovered by itself by the listener, so the listener can find his own music. Not only the dominance of international music. We can already choose the best songs yourself with a choice of categories from music genres, musicians’ names, music albums, and song titles. Then, is there still the influence of radio relevant to the development and formation of music trends today? Judging from its development, creating its own challenges for the radio industry which began to shift its use as the modernization of digital technology.

The Basic Idea Of Wireless Communication

Music and Radio is a Unity
The Basic Idea Of Wireless Communication

Even though radio broadcasting is not as popular as it is in the past. The more sophisticated technology is, the challenges of contemporary radio begin to open by adopting a digital system to match the needs of its listeners. Even the radio is not only maintained, but also updated its quality with a technology called Digital Radio. Radio took part in this as a demand, evolving to follow the trend of intelligent technology that combines automation and cyber technology.

With the formation of digital radio, the features displayed are far more lively. Now, millennial listeners who crave the role of radio in his life can still find information on the song hits, telephone numbers of radio stations, and much more on the digital radio menu screen.

From the above explanation, we can conclude that radio in the past and the present is still the same, inseparable from music. Music and radio are a complementary whole.

It’s Fun Listening To Music Through The Radio

Radio is Not Boring

Besides music, radio has various programs that are presented and not served. Want to find a program that plays Indonesian / Western songs, jokes that can shake your stomach, or even inspiring business dialogue? Everything is on the radio. Every radio has a target audience.

Can Be Heard While Doing Other Activities

Sometimes you see people are busy working while there is a loud radio next to them. The radio host was very excited even laughing out loud. Even though he was busy working, this man laughed several times by the announcer jokes and enjoyed songs that were played with humming. Busy while listening to the radio will be more exciting.

How, surely exciting right? Music and radio are a very ideal couple who can bury their listeners. Music and radio is a unity.

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You might miss listening to music on the radio. Actually, you can listen to your favorite music from your Android along with radio format. You just need to choose the right music app to get the sensation of listening to music through the radio. The list below shows you the best music you can download.


As one of the popular radio apps, AccuRadio supports the users along with over 1000 radio channels. The best part is that you can customize the channel just like what you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to skip the track or channel you don’t really like. Even, you can also ban artists or songs from your virtual radio station. As a result, AccuRadio gives the songs that you really love.



iHeartRadio is similar to AccuRadio in which you can get a lot of radio stations to listen. Moreover, you can also find a variety of music you love based on your mood, favorite genre, or even seasonal playlists. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend your money at all though there will be ads while playing the playlist. If you want to use the premium one, you have to spend around $5.99 to $12.99 per month. The premium playlist gives a better virtual radio experience.

My Tuner Radio

For those who miss listening to music from a traditional radio station, you can use My Tuner Radio. This app brings a traditional radio station to the next level without losing its originality. The listeners are able to listen to over 50.000 radio stations across 200 different countries and territories. Besides listening to music, you are also able to listen to talk show in podcasts format, sleep timer, and alarm. You can use the free version or the premium version by spending $3.49 per month.

My Tuner Radio
My Tuner Radio

Pandora Music

Pandora Music becomes one of the most popular radio apps due to its features. One of the features that help the users to create their own station. Because of that, you are able to collect your favorite artists, music genre, and songs. The free version contains ads and you can remove the ads by using the premium version. Just spend $4.99 per month to enjoy premium version without any ads.

In conclusion, the radio is not dead yet because you can still use it from your beloved Android. The apps above not only bring the memory of listening to music via radio but also improving it to a better experience.

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