Driving without listening to music seems incomplete. Because of that, Spotify as one of the most popular music streaming applications launches a new playlist. The new playlist is known as Your Daily Drive. What makes this Spotify for Drivers playlist different than any other playlist or music apps? Let’s discuss it below before using it.

The Function of Your Daily Drive at Spotify

Spotify launches Your Daily Drive with a specific reason. The developer knows that drivers love to drive while listening to their favorite music. It makes them relax while driving to the destination. By using this playlist, you are not only able to listen to music you have enjoyed before but also get music recommendations, music news podcast, and many more. The most important thing, you can get all of them while driving. Nowadays, Your Daily Drive can only be used for US users only. This project started a week after Spotify released its first project known as Car Thing. Car Thing is a project to know the way people consume audio in the car.

Spotify for Drivers
Spotify for Drivers

The Benefits You Get from Your Daily Drive by Spotify

There are several benefits you get from Your Daily Drive by Spotify. For instance, you will get the latest news and music throughout the day. Moreover, the drivers are not only enjoying music all the time but also some latest music news. As a result, the drivers are able to get more knowledge about music and keep relax while driving a car. By using this new project, Spotify is bringing radio technology to the next level.

The Next Development

It seems that Spotify doesn’t want to stop yet. Your Daily Drive will be developed to fill the need of the drivers. In the future, it is predicted that the drivers are able to enjoy not only music and news but also weather and traffic. Indeed, weather and traffic are also important information for drivers.

Spotify for Drivers
Spotify for Drivers

The Way to Listen to Spotify Radio

The point of Spotify Radio is to create a virtual radio station. The interesting part is that the track plays randomly. The difference between Spotify Radio and real radio stations is that you can skip tracks any time you want if you don’t like it. Spotify Radio is also designed to understand your favorite songs. Let say, if you love to listen to Chrismas songs, the app suggests some artists such as Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby.

Spotify Radio
Spotify Radio

You just need to click on the radio option on the app. Then, you can go to the album artwork and then click the play button. By the time you double click on the track, the music starts playing. If you want to skip the music you don’t want to listen to, you just need to find the skip icon. The icon is on the right of the large album artwork where you can see the two right-pointing arrows. There is no effect if you skip the track so you can skip the track you don’t like anytime you want.

Steps to Create New Station in Spotify

Before enjoying the track while driving, you need to create a new station first. Click the Create New Station button. The button is located on the top-right of the Spotify main window. Then, search the name of the artist you want to include in your radio station in the search box. The artists you choose will be placed in the Recent Radio Stations. When it is ready, the songs are playing automatically. You can customize the list to the most listened. You can also see the popular radio stations created by other people.

In the end, you can really enjoy your driving along with your favorite music and news. You just need to use Your Daily Drive and Spotify Radio while driving and relaxing at the same time.

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